Mark Lamoureux

What the Nixie Said

When did the color of the door change?
The door will open
to a new place according
to its hue, although
these places may look the same,
or similar, to you.
When did the radio tower
appear on the blue hill
above the saltmarshes?
You may say the green cars
& the red cars parking
have nothing to do with the saints
in the aquarium.
What was the mermaid's name?
What did she sing
to you? You must forget
all that. Did he put the brown
stone into his left shirt
pocket before or after removing
the pen from the satchel &
with no prior knowledge
the fauns in the copper mines?
You may notice an orange sheen
on things. It will only hurt you
if you let it hurt you.
Who stole the giant carp
from the basement? There is
no water in this flask. Who says
the sky is like a sieve
or a net? It's not so hard
to breathe the air. Opening
this door, the blue one,
that is hard. Tell me where
she hid the comb. Tell me
where this sewer goes. You
don't know about the eels?
This thing here, in my right hand,
what is the name your people
give it?