Karyna McGlynn

[or and over fish veins flatten]

grey eyes roll back, glaucous
or and over
they belly up to me unblinking

I am townhomed, postsuckled
and do it--
lay them en suite a flowerpress

for fish wine, angel oil, aquavit
tout de suite
untoward, I peel back pet-skin

to get at the grease of the thing
I killed, cut
the scales off, make a glass slide

for onion, whisker, scab sliver
even the cat
stiff as a boot in the shed, pink

tongue dead, a tape ejected so
scraped smooth
planed to appease my love for

cellular latticework, spongy fat
crystalline sex
dust; when I breathe on a thing

it leaps, shoots, shimmers, pulls
in its filament
like a spider that needs to keep

all its legs, or an only child too
old to go so
fetal, but does, bed a mount of

light examined from eye above
or and over.